I’m only 14 but interested in metal working, what exactly can I do?

I make knives on my own at home and was wondering what I could do at the space. Most of the tools in the shop require training/classes to use but all of the classes are either 16+ or 18+. So I’m mainly just wonder whether or not it’s worth my time or if I should just make do with the tools I have.


In the metal shop, the hot process work generally requires being 16 with a parent, 18 unsupervised. I do grant exceptions for under 16 with a parent every so often but would need to sit down with y’all. You would still need to be supervised when working.

As for the blacksmithing group re: kmg / forge I’ll let @Team_Blacksmithing answer that.


I think it’s great you’re learning metal work at a young age. I might also suggest that you consider learning how to work some with soft Metals over in the jewelry and small metal separtment. Several of us that teach fabrication are quite willing to work with responsible young people now on sometimes we do want their parents nearby just far our own safety. I personally I will allow them to use the torch if a parent is nearby to watch and see they’re using it safely and I’ve been properly trying. But we would welcome you over there and we do things other than jewelry want to learn to make a fork or spoon? The lady who teaches that class has a fork and spoon her son made when he was about 10 years old with supervision so you’re quite old enough and I hope you decide to join the space and come and learn all the various things that we can

Here are the rules regarding minors

  1. The DMS is not a day care.
  2. Minors 15 and under must be accompanied closely by Parent or Legal Guardian at all times and are not allowed to have keys to the space.
  3. Accompanied closely means visual range generally, and immediate reach when near dangerous tools.
  4. Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for their children and their actions.
  5. Minors under the age of 18 must have their liability form signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

Those are the current rules. Not saying they can not be changed or exceptions made.

That said, I do on occasion bring my kids to the space. 15,13 & 10 year olds.

I am glad to see you take an interest in working with your hands and metal. It’s something not seen too much anymore.


The rules apply mostly because of machinery. machinery kills.
@Cairenn_Day offers a great alternative because metal stamping and such as is good use of metals and hand tools - which everyone should know how to use to better appreciate machinery. It’s not going to be knife making but learning to work more metals will help prepare you for when you can get trained on our big bad machines. cheers!


Ok. My dad works nights so if there are any times in the evening that would work for you? We are also there on almost every Monday evening if there is a time then that would work.

I’m currently around pretty often and can be there easier in evenings for the most part.


Do you think you’ll be around on Tuesday? If so what time would work for you?