I have woodshop training already--how to get qualified for DMS woodshop asap?

I have a degree in industrial design and was trained to use all the tools we have at DMS during college (recent). I need to use it for a project due next week–any way to get quick certification this week?

Paging @Mrksls2 @shoottx

Send me a pm and we can set up a one on one proficiency session

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i just created an account so it won’t let me pm haha can you send me one?

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When I clicked on your name, it said you’ve got 14 minutes reading. And I think that the requirement for the next step is 15 minutes reading. Try that, and see if it lets you PM somebody.

Also, you are a member, yes? I think that there’s a “Request a Green Dot” category, and that dot says that you’re a member.

There are openings for Woodshop training starting Tuesday and finishing on Thursday night

Check the calendar