I have some questions before becoming a member

Thank you!

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Thank you so much!

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Mine was in the same dept…just took awhile to run into each other :rofl:


Welcome to DMS Bones. I think you will find when you approach most anyone at the space and ask what they are working on, you will have made an instant friend. Everybody likes to talk about what they are interested in and generally eager to share their knowledge of it.


The biggest hurdle for you is probably gonna be when it takes too long to get trained / cleared on a specific machine.

If you see me with 3 giant holes in my ear say hey!


Welcome to the community! Congrats on your sobriety!

You mentioned pens as one of your interests. I plan to teach that once we figure out the social distancing. There’s a woodshop training meeting tomorrow (Sunday) online.

There is a ban on alcohol at the space for safety reasons (lots of heavy machinery), so you can feel confident attending any of our get-togethers at the space (again, once we figure out the social distancing).

What I’ve been doing is watching YouTube videos to get close up views of wood turning, pottery and fiber arts (crochet for me). It’s not a substitute for having someone next to you, and you still need an instructor sign-off, but it’s great supplemental instruction.

I’ve been reading a lot of books about courage and vulnerability by Brene Brown (a research psychologist), and I have to give you credit for asking if your appearance would be an issue. Kudos, because now we know to look for you as a new member to say hello. P.S. She has a TED talk on YouTube that you might really like as you enter this next phase of your life.

Check the wiki for the answers to many of your DMS questions at wiki.dallasmakerspace.org

I know you’ll fit in and make friends here. (My real name is Holly).

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Thanks for taking the time to respond:) I spent most of today at DMS and it was a really enjoyable experience. I’m not the best with remembering names but I spent some time with a very nice guy in the jewelry area and he was extremely helpful. I got over absorbed in a project I’m working on and didn’t end up going to the woodshop meeting but I’ll definitely make the next one!

Brene Brown is a fantastic source of knowledge in regards to vulnerability. I still struggle with it a lot but I’ve learned everything I know from her and Russel Brand. Definitely a good reminder to check up with where she is at now as I haven’t listened to her in a while. Thanks for the warm welcome I really look forward to meeting you and everyone else:)


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