I have some fiat to sell

I would like to trade some of my fiat for somthing less inflationary.

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What era are we talking about? Pre- or Post-Chrysler merger?



I’m assuming you mean fiat of the government backed variety, rather than vehicles.

What do you have and what are you looking for. Might give people more an idea if they are interested.

Potayto potahto. FIAT the cars are very government backed…like most auto manufacturers, but esp. the “Italian” ones…



(Edit, because I feel a little bad for trolling I’ll say Series I Bonds are fully inflation protected, but have a low annual purchase cap ($10K for single, $20k for married) or, ya know, stocks perform pretty well in inflationary environments, although you obviously have some broad market risk exposure)


I would go for securities in businesses that are less sensitive to inflation. The stocks I would be looking for in times of inflation are utilities stocks, healthcare stocks, stocks of companies that produce consumer staples (not consumer discretionary) and the like. The places that tend to get hit harder during times of recession and high inflation are going to be tech companies, consumer discretionary and so forth.

I wouldn’t go into bonds unless I planned on holding them to maturity. During times of inflation, the fed tends to raise interest rates and there is an inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices, meaning that one could end up losing money if these bonds are not held to maturity.

Had they waited for the NFT boom, that spider drawing could have been valued at $233,950 (after you conspired with the project creator to wash trade it up to the point that you sell it to a mark).

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You know what Ford stands for, don’t you? Fix It Again Tony!

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I think you got autoincorrected. Correct answers to your question are: Fix Or Repair Daily / Found On Road Dead.

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Or just FIAT, Fix It Again Tony


I was hoping for fiat parts… :frowning: