I have a Fanuc P50 painting robot that is available for donation


I have a Ford f350 crane truck that can lift it by its lugs for unloading


That is a super duper Kool idea and a very very brave man


I have started the paperwork routing, I was told I would get an update on 10/28/18. I will keep the group informed.


Very cool we don’t know where were gonna put it but well figure it out


If this doesn’t work out you could also consider donating it to Christopher Thomas as bill j priest center for economic development…he always needs more robots for his program.


Any developments?


Sorry for the delay, the last Manager signed the form today. Hope to have a date that it can be picked up soon.


Which Committee Chair has approved this donation?


If Science doesn’t maybe the metal shop could have a welding robot :slight_smile:


The plate shown at the top says 480v. Of which there is essentially zero available in either the current or new location.


We’ve been investigating 208/480 transformers and it’s pretty cost efficient. I believe we also had a member offer to donate one, but was told to hold off until after the expansion.