HydroFlux welder classes?


Any HydroFlux welder classes on the horizon? I’m not in a particular hurry but would really like to learn this.

@AnneGullett ?


I have two coming up this month (one will be on the calendar after approval).
We cover safety and system maintenance then solder a larger gauge jump ring.
The Hydroflux welder is incredibly hot and useful for more than just jewelry – you will love it…


Cool. Thanks.

BTW, as a constructive suggestion, I saw you taught the steam cleaner recently. If you teach that again, you might be able to knock out two tasks in one:

The Hydroflux welder manual says,

Weekly Maintenance:

  1. Clean tips by placing them in an ultrasonic cleaner for a few minutes. For better results, clean tips using a steam cleaner.


Brilliant – running with your combo classes idea:

Friday, October 19th
Jewelry Steam Cleaner and Ultrasonic Cleaner (Jewelry / Small Metals)

Saturday, October 20th
Hydroflux Torch and Jump Rings (Jewelry and Small Metals)

See you soon…