Hydraulic Press

My name is Cody Eastwood. I am a new member to Dallas Makerspace. I would like to use the Hydraulic Press between 6am-9am on 6/12 or 6/13. I plan to shoot the crushing with my camera. I plan to bring plexiglass to box off the press while I am crushing items.

Stan told me to reach out to TLAR and WorldCloud for approval.

Thank you for your assistance.

  • Cody E
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Welcome to Talk, Cody.
If we stick an at symbol in front of their screen names, it will summon them:
@TLAR and @worldcloud
Hopefully Tom and/or Joe will get back to you.

Thank you,

  • Cody Eastwood
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Let me be the first to tell you the Hydraulic press is NOT for crushing. It is for pressing.


Sorry, we do not allow this.

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10-4. Is there another device that I can use to crush the items below?

  • Can of clam chowder
  • Hockey puck
  • Snow globe
  • Miniature plastic trumpet
  • Football
  • Poker chips and dice
  • Hot Wheels toy car
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Is the purpose of this to recreate the hydraulic press channel? If so, we do not have that equipment at DMS.

Vat do ve have here? An eeeevil clay monster, it must die.

My goal was to create a video. I was told inaccurate information when going through my tour today. Thank you for your assistance and advice.

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I am not aware of any rules against this. I teach the Automotive 101 class and I am very familiar rules on the Automotive Wiki…

My concerns would be safety of people, safety of the tool, and cleanliness…

I know that there was a class where wood pieces where put in the press and the joints where tested for strength. I am not sure that this is much different.

If Freddie can cite a documented rule, then we have to back that; otherwise, I don’t have a real issue as long as the machine is left cleaner than it was found and appropriate safety precautions are observed…

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I am shooting this video on behalf of the Dallas Stars hockey team. I am the Director of Production for the team. I plan to bring four plexiglass panes as well as trash bags to protect from projectiles and serious messes on the floor.


That would be my main concern, not sure what those precautions should be in this case. It’s pretty dangerous to use a press in this manner (both for the operator and the bystanders, and the press itself).

@oman72 Since you’re new here, basically, anything the chair of the committee tells you that you can or can’t use the tools in their area for goes. Freddy does maintenance on quite a bit of our tooling and knows the tools well, so I would listen to his advice of not doing it, but the actual person making the rule or judgement for something like this would be the automotive chair.

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Just throwing out there that TLAR (Tom) is the current chair of Automotive, and worldcloud (Joe) is, I believe, chair-elect (probably to be confirmed 20190622 BoD meeting, although I can’t find that on the agenda, and might have it wrong).

Point being, these 2 are your decision makers in this case, so you’re on to the right people, one of whom has already weighed in. :+1: :wink: :point_right:

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I’m still a Vice Chair of Automotive :slight_smile:


I will confess that is unknown to me.
I am not aware of auto having vice-chairs.

But I value your opinion regardless, amplified by my knowing how much sweat equity you have in that equipment.

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The list of stuff he listed did not seem highly dangerous. I can’t believe that a can of soup is going to create a huge dangerous stream of high pressure soup.

Placing plexiglass around the press, using safety glasses, and making sure that the press is placing good, solid, even pressure on the items.

Pressing a hockey punk isn’t the question. the question is crushing half a hockey punk where the ‘loose’ end may attempt to ‘fly out’ is the question.

While I see some risk here, I don’t see this any more risky than when two members using the wrong surface on an axle spindle and they put so much pressure on the spindle that they broke it.

I was not Automotive Chair at that time, but I was vice-chair and I do not know of any ‘rebuke’ of their actions. I’ve also seen members use the press and a ‘break’ and basic crushing metal into a new shape.

Certainly their are other devices at the space to crush items, but I assume the reason for the press break is to document at what pressure each item fails; and thus giving your viewers an objective idea of how much energy at hockey punk can carry.

I do not have an ‘extreme’ position on this topic either way, but I think that we should encourage members to ‘make’ in what ever way they choose- as long as they don’t break our equipment, hurt themselves, and/or others- and they clean up after themselves.

Unless Freddie (or anyone else), can locate a written rule to the contrary, as the Automotive Chair, I am willing to give you permission to perform this experiment under the condition that you securely place the items under the press to guard against ‘flying debris’- this may require using steel bar or other support, you protect yourselves (and others) with the use of Plexiglass, and the use of safety glasses.

I remind you that you are responsible for whatever may happen, and your safety at the space is your responsibility. It is not a bas idea to get the opinions of others if your have questions/ doubts.

If you choose to move the press into the south bay for better camera areas, placement of Plexi, etc; please make sure that you return everything back to it’s current placement.



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As of the last committee meeting, Tom choose not to run for Automotive Chair and Joe King was elected as the new chair.

We value Tom’s expertise and we would like him to remain involved with Automotive, which is why I asked Tom to serve as my vice-Chair. Despite rumors to the contrary, Tom and I agree on most topics and I feel that it is important to continue moving in the same basic direction as opposed to having a committee radically change from one chair to another.

I have not considered a second vice-Chair, as no other committee utilizes two vice Chairs (to my knowledge), but I am open to suggestions and I am considering two or three ‘new’ positions within the committee. I welcome anyone which is willing to serve; so let’s sit down and chat and discuss how you would like to continue to be involved with Automotive.




So is the BoD confirming you on the 22nd?

Blacksmithing has a smaller press that can be moved outdoors if projectiles are the issue.

I believe Cody was planning on bringing some plexi panels, like what surrounds the rinks, to block any projectiles.

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@Board_of_Directors should probably weigh in on this, as they will be the final say.

I think it could be a wonderful PR opportunity for both the space and our local hockey team. Others have pointed out that if handled poorly, it could also be a PR and insurance nightmare.


Someone needs to check that the pressure on the press is currently up to snuff. There was a large leak recently that causes performance to drop significantly.

@FreddyCalvert was that leak ever handled? Last I saw you were still working on it. I was told the other day we can’t even run the press brake with any efficacy since it had lost fluid again.

You misspelled shrapnel.

I kid I kid, I’d watch the resulting video for sure. I’m also willing to take bets that @FreddyCalvert wont be willing to clean chowder out of the press afterwards.