Hunting for NG heater

Anyone know where I could get a natural gas heater? We’re losing power for hours at a time, and I’m trying to find some way to heat the house if it keeps going like this. We’re in Farmers Branch.

Also looking for a generator like the rest of Dallas :slight_smile:

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If you have a gas range that can help. That’s what we’re doing every hour or so for a few minutes to thaw out.

Get a CO detector with it and crack a window for a bit of fresh air.

Try Westlake Ace on Josey or Elliot’s Hardware up in Plano.

thanks guys! I was too late to the game, but a few friends haven’t lost power. We’re packing up and heading there.


I’d just let it run. It’s no less efficient and no more expensive than running a gas furnace.


I keep hearing warnings not to use a stove or oven for heat, but there should be nothing wrong with boiling huge pots of water. We need the added humidity anyway.