How to measuer circuit board frequency

Hi everyone,
Forgive my poor knowledge in the electronics world. I bought a small ultrasonic cleaner and intend to re-purpose it to drive my own cleaner tank. The manual says it is DC 12V, 15W, 45KHz. Is there a device at DMS to measure its frequency?

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An Oscilloscope would technically work for this, but I’d be careful and use the higher voltage front end/probes first until you know what the peak to peak voltage of it is.

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Thanks for the info. I will study the manual first.

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If you don’t know much about o’scopes, have someone help you @artg_dms

I’m pretty sure it’s the “right” tool for the job, but you don’t want to mess up some expensive equipment because of lack of familiarity.

At minimum, use a 10X probe.

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Of the gear we have, scope is your best bet. Need to have some idea of what kind of signal you’ll be looking at. Guessing your circuit has an oscillator running at the indicated 45 Khz. Signal is amplified to drive a piezo transducer. Typical ultrasonic piezo transducer operates in a narrow frequency band of resonance - you probably will not be able to shift the frequency. Not sure how effective moving the circuit and transducer to a different size tank will be.

Might try searching for a circuit schematic of the existing unit.

What is the Manufacturer and Model Number of your unit. I have sources for a lot of schematics.