How to make masks

Looking for someone to teach me, how to make masks. I have a sewing machine but did not use it for more than 10 years.

What type of mask? Fitted, pleated, etc? One of our members did a really awesome video of sewing the craft passions masks.

FWIW…I just read a recent finding that demonstrates a 3-ply/layer sewn mask greatly reduces COVID transmission.

any type. My main problem is I forgot to handle my sewing machine and it was too difficult for me to sew when the fabrics were little thick. I don’t know how to handle that. Thanks.

Can you send a pic of your machine? [because yay! sewing machines :heart_eyes: ]

@Hardsuit and @Print_Witch (Paul and Astrud) did an excellent, detailed video on making masks.


I would also add that if your machine has a tough time getting through the layers, you should try a large size needle.


What Judy said. For instance, I use a size 16 needle to sew denim.

I’m up here most afternoons and evenings (Thursday is weird). For social distancing, we’ve only got 2 machines set up in the sewing room, so I can’t put a class on the calendar. Well, I’ve been contemplating what I could do to set up a class of 4. Maybe interactive…

(Yes, I know that I only need 3 for honorarium. All you need is one no-show.)


Beth-FYI, Patrick indicated the baby lock closest to the ping pong table wasn’t engaging. I just have t been motivated to deal with it.

Just change it out with one of the machines in the cabinet if needed.


I will bring my machine oneday to you, and learn how to attach the thick needle etc. I forgot everything. Gone are the days when I used to stitch pillow covers, cushion covers etc. Thanks.

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This could be an important question to answer:

One of my sewing machines couldn’t handle the 6-layer pleats that occur in the double-layered
fabric pleated masks. So using a pattern like the one used in the video Mike (@HankCowdog) linked is much easier on machines.

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