How to add to Dallas Makerspace Meetup?


When you add things to the calendar, do they automagicly get added to the meetup?

If not, how do I add things to the meetup?



Currently, the new calendar system does not automatically export the classes/meetings to Meetup like the old system did. It’s something that is being discussed.

If you already have a Meetup account and are a member of the Dallas Makerspace Meetup, since you are now the chairperson over Digital Media (plus will be working along with PR and the Classroom committee), I can elevate your access to allow you to post events… However, one of the biggest reasons we are not encouraging it at the moment, is because the “rsvp” function on Meetup cannot be turned off; and, a lot of times - no matter how obvious the description of the event clearly states to “register” on our calendar system, people still tend to ‘rspv’ on meetup - believing it will hold a spot for them. That being said, one work-around would be to “limit” anything posted on Meetup to just ONE participant; and, make sure that YOU are that participant… (and also make it as clear as you possibly can that they must register via our calendar system - preferable with a direct link to the event). Let me know if you want to be added (and what your meetup account username is) - IF you want to post some one-offs… Otherwise, keep your eyes open for updates about the new calendar system (there are still a handful of things that are going to be implemented soon… :slight_smile: )