How much are prescription safety glasses?


That’s a question that I had wondered about but had not checked until today. Like many people, I pay too much for normal glasses and was afraid to ask. I checked at Sams today and found that pricing is simple.
Cheap safety frames - $40.00
Safety lenses - $40.00
Bifocal - $40.00
Progressive - $40.00
I took the first three options and with Sams Plus membership came out a bit under $100.00. There were other options for coatings,… but this should serve me well.

The frames are black and dorky looking but no one in the shops will ask if I’m wearing safety glasses! This should be much better than trying to wear generic safety glasses over normal glasses.


I paid more then that on the pair I got this week. But they aren’t black and dorky. Or Elvis-style aviator frames either. So there’s that.


Better to have eyes than no eyes… My oldest try’s to hide his safety glasses when he wears them & forgets his regular glasses. I have to tell him nobody here cares what his glasses looks like.


unless the glasses have side shields, we will still ask. They may be impact resistant, but unless they have side shields, they are NOT safety glasses. we have side shields you can add to glasses available for our users. If (big if) we ever move we will be a lot pickier in the new space. Safety glasses will be required at all times.



Also, depends on your eyes. I can see fine but need reading glasses. I buy normal safety glasses and use the plastic inserts I get from Graingers they also have bifocal safety glasses that are very inexpensive. I prefer these inserts because I also use them in my diving mask and ski goggles.


This website is great just pickout what you want.


Cost a bit more for the frames, but they’re decent looking in a retro way and work well. The Sams Club optometrist on Spring Valley has done prescription lenses in these for both Astrud and I with great results.


Thanks for your comment. Its interesting that after I started this post I rethought my decision. The earpieces are very wide but come short of side shields. They made a big deal about I could change if I don’t like them. I may check that out. Stay tuned.

I was not aware of us having safety shields available. If they are added to normal glasses, does that meet the test?


I think I paid $20 bucks for mine all in?


My Zenni pair cost about $40 because my eyesight is really bad, but they’re awesome. Especially for the wood shop.


There are eye shields you can just slip on the earpieces. They are just a piece of flexible plastic but apparently they are an approved method.


I just cancelled the Sams order. You are the second Zenni customer here. I will check it out.


I buy all my glasses from them now. I buy the cheap ones by the case and pitch them when they get scratched instead of getting butt hurt. Gotta admit, I love me some China glasses!


I also bought mine from Zenni for less than $20. Unfortunately, they didn’t have bifocals, but they were so cheap I bought a near-vision pair and also a distance, tinted pair for outdoors.


I talked to @nicksilva about side shields for regular glasses with impact resistant lenses and decided to purchase the following. Thanks to all for the input!


That’s really annoying - when I asked the folks at Sam’s, they told me they didn’t do safety glasses!

I got mine from Walmart, they ended up being ~$170 IIRC