How do I change my dues auto payment day?

I am on a fixed income and get paid the 3rd of every month. The month of Dec I ran out of money. When DMS withdrew my money I had not yet been paid. This is a problem for me. Is there a way to change my dues auto payment to the 5th day of the month? I have looked at the website and it does not appear to be an option.

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While we could ask @Team_Infrastructure, I have always understood that one is Stuck with the day you signed up. I mean, if you putzed about a little bit with whether or not there’s a valid card on the page, you do have a couple of days leeway about paying your invoice without things going south. Still, I didn’t think that that was a changeable field for anybody, not even Infrastructure.

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My current thought is to quit the Space Jan. 31. And rejoin Feb 5. I do not like not being a member even for that short amount of time, but baring getting help from someone in power it could work.

That would work

Talked w/ Chuck at the space, he mentioned I might lose my current dues rate, a bad thing for me. So now for plan C.

Research and confirm:
I remember reading (on explanation about Discourse or on the Wiki) that if you cancel membership and then renew within 14 days, it will be at your old fee rate.