How can i register to take the class for the multicam?


The current class

MultiCAM Proficiency Testing Class


You must have completed the MultiCAM CNC Router Class

How can get trained on the multiCAM? Is there the possibility of getting individual help?


There was a MultiCAM class just this Monday. I believe in the last thread about this Chris mentioned that he does the group classes monthly, so I’d keep checking for another class to go live in the next few weeks. The class fee is $50 and it runs for about 3 hours.


And the class title is something like CNC Router (wood only).
Not multicam.



I regularly do a ctrl+f on in my browser on the events page and search “multicam”, only seeing the testing event.

I feel really silly now knowing that the class isnt called that.


Yeah, I kinda figured that might be part of the problem…


The filters on the page tend to work better (although this relies on the submitter having put appropriate tools, categories, etc. onto the event/class). For example, here is the calendar filtered by tool for multicam, and the (wood only) class DOES appear:


It seems there aren’t any class in the near future for [CNC Router (wood only).


Because it was just held on Monday. As in four days ago.


It’s now up for 1/21:


And as of right now, there are still 10 spaces available in it.


I am registered for Multicam. Do i need more router bits and wood plus the 20 dollars for test? What does the test cover the wood and the bits? I know i need to get router bits to run the Multicam.


I don’t know the answer to question of what the $20 includes, but expect that will be covered in the class.
Some bits are always available and are provided by DMS. Just not necessarily the specialty ones you might need for some future projects. The test will not require specialty bits.


Thank you. I have accessed Vcarve via the jump server and completed a Test file. I have registered for the class tonight.