Hot Process training

Hey! i was going to sign up for the Dynatorch class when i popped up the other day and found i needed to do the hot process prereq. any news on when the next one of these will pop up or if someone is free for a 1 on 1?

We could do a class Sunday 1/23 at 3pm. There probably won’t be another Dynatorch until after that. We could check with @Llenclyen to see when he’s thinking of holding another one, though.

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I will schedule another plasma cutter class for the 30th.


sweet, i’ll keep an eye out for the both of them, thanks!

Hot Process loaded. Should be available for sign-up Tuesday about 8pm.


I got signed up for the hot process class, but dont see the plasma cutter class on the 30th. Any idea when that might pop up? Thanks!

Probably soon, as it was loaded not too long after I loaded HPS. Although, unless he set it up for approval, you’ll probably have to go past the HPS class before it lets you sign up for Dynatorch…

Sorry to let you down there. I work a stagehand job that will be running the 24th-5th. Once I know the days and hours I am free I will put something up. At the latest I will schedule a class for the 6th of February.


That will give folks a chance to actually finish the HPS class in time to get a slot.


I will look for an upcoming one as well.
I signed up for the upcoming HPS, but the system wouldn’t let me sign up for the plasma class next month until after my account shows a record of having attended the HPS class scheduled for this weekend.