Hot Process Safety

I need to take the Hot Process Safety training. Can someone help me with this?

Do you just need this in general, for future needs? Or do you see a specific class you want to take that requires it?

I want to get trained to use the cnc plasma cutter, both kinds of welders etc. I’m sure more will come up.

Would Sunday 6/13 at 2pm work for you? That’s not this weekend, but the following weekend.

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6/14 is a Monday

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I can do it that Sunday, unless there is something sooner.

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10 days + my schedule – that’s where it fell. If a class that needed it showed up sooner, I could do a one-off. Right this minute I’ll probably be out at Scarborough cleaning up/out the booth this Saturday…

Should be available in 72 hours – mark.


Is that directed at me?

Well, I’ve posted the class, but it’ll take 72 hrs before it’s open so that folks can sign up. Just the way the Calendar works.

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I didn’t get signed up, and it filled. Is there another one that will happen soon? I have had a membership for going on 3 months, and haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

As an alternative, we always have historically trained people that show up for committee meetings (first saturday of every month at noon)

I’m throwing a hot process up sometime soon (may end up being an online class) and can tag you when I know the date


Keep me posted. I’m usually available on the weekends this time of year with some flexability during the week.

…and thank you.

If you want, go ahead and show up Sunday. I can add you to the approved list manually. We’re pushing less on the social distancing.

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See you then, and thank you! I’ve been more busy than I expect the last couple of weeks.

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Where are we meeting?

It appears to be in the Interactive Classroom.

I figured it out, thank you.

I have a question for you. Since the first Saturday of the month is the 3rd of July will you still be holding the committee meeting that day? Just curious because I want to come and get some training at the same time, but I am going to be out of town visiting family that weekend.