Hot Process Safety and TIG class


My wife and I saw the upcoming TIG class on 12/21 and are both interested to join, but regret that we were unable to attend the recent hot process safety class. Is there an opportunity to have someone give us an ad hoc safety class or perhaps schedule another official instance within the next week?

We are both planning to be at DMS for other classes on Sunday 2-3p, Monday 7:30-8:30p, and Tuesday 12-3p. If anyone is able (and authorized) to give us the run-through around those times, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Brent (and Kimberly)


sorry - welding is metal shop, not machine shop. I have no knowledge of the classes other than what shows up in the calendar


Sorry, Nick… Thanks. I intended to post in Metal, but I’m still getting used to Talk!


I’ll be up there from 2 until 4 on Sunday, and I could run through the class for you guys. It normally takes about an hour and a half, I’d like the fee I would get from the honorarium ($50), but feel free to invite and split that as many ways as you like with others.

@hon1nbo @TBJK (So you guys know I’m selling myself out for money)


@Apexi1100 you might want to jump in on this too if you have some free time sunday.


Is that something people are interested in? If so, I can start the class at either 2 or 2:30. If not, I’ll be using the time to work on a project.


I appreciate it @malcolmputer, but I will be in a class until 3, and we have an event Sunday evening that will prevent us from staying long enough to cover a 1.5 hour class.

Thank you again for the offer, but it doesn’t look like we can make it work on our side.


Just to let you know, I’ve posted a Hot Work Safety and two TIG classes (one AL one steel) on 1/13.


Awesome thanks! Not seeing them yet, how long does it take to show up in the events calendar?


About 2 days left of the 72 hour wait period.


All three of the classes are approved and on the calendar. Sign up now as they fill up fast.


Reg’d woot! Thx again.

It says pending, I presume so you can confirm we did hot process safety class?


Yep. blankspace