Hot process Safely class

Why is the class 1.5 hours on Sunday and the rest of the week classes 1 hour

Thank you

No idea.

I usually bump up against the 1.5hr timeframe with an average sized group. It shouldn’t be cut short.

I only have a 1 hour window Sunday. I’m hosting an event at 3. I was hoping the 1.5 was an error. :frowning:

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Perhaps instructor error when listing the class. The calendar defaults to 1 hour when you change anything

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The Hot Process Safety classes that I have scheduled for The next several Sundays are all an hour and a half as shown.

The class where you can learn to teach at DMS said the auditors want longer classes at 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour, so best guess is someone who took that instructor class thought they’d stand a better chance of approval with a 1.5 hour time frame.

Perhaps someone from Education could weigh in.

I can’t speak for the others, but here’s where I enlengthened my offering of this class from 1 to 2 hours “because it’s been taking that long”. Interested in Welding, Plasma Cutting? Pre-req Class 01/07/2019 19:00 Seats Available!
And although mine are in the classroom, I make my best effort to include a walkthrough of the shop because I firmly believe pointing and grunting at actual equipment is better than pointing and grunting at pictures of equipment.


I am signed up for the hot process class, and am trying to sign up for the MIG welding class later that day. Unfortunately, the MIG class requires that I take the hot process class, which I am signed up for. Is there any way to “reserve” the spot so that I can take the welding class right after the Hot Process class so I don’t have to wait weeks for the next class.

who is the instructor?

They should have it set to “approval required” and mention in the notes the requirements, so they can handle this, rather than a hard requirement.

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I was planning on asking Stan to add folks like this. @StanSimmons – can we do that?

So – I should not do the requirement, and just set the class for instructor-approval?
And… there is a note that they should PM me, giving my Talk handle…

What day is the MIG class? I can fix the approval.

Do not use do the prereq requirement.

Approval required for attendees. Approval upon checking their AD or verifying they’re in the class before yours.

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Stan was able to fix the class. It’s now instructor approval. Sign up, and I’ll check, and then approve you.

7 DMS welding helmets. I hope that they all work – we identified one that didn’t during the last class, but it might have snuck back in without being fixed.