Host for Domain?

Anyone have a suggestion for a web host? I’d like to put up a website and then possibly offer websites and website classes at DMS. I tried Bluehost and after hours of messing with them got no value for my money. I wanted and they gave me EWVCFEWF.COM and refused to do anything about it unless I paid for a new domain. I don’t trust them to not give me XEWVCFEWF.COM instead of what I request.

After an hour of haggling they did say I could buy a new domain and they would, in time, refund my money. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Me :stuck_out_tongue: (slight sarcasm).

What features do you need out of web hosting? Someone to just host the files you upload and manage the domain/SSL/etc? Or do you want a company that has a built-in designer?

I’m not sure what they were asking you for $$, but generally a domain should only cost ~10-20$ / year.
(You can enter it into something like to see how much it should cost. Your preferred domain looks like only 10$/year). Often times web hosts will initially only charge you a monthly for the storage/network/hardware fees, and things like domains, premium SSL certs, and email will cost extra.

  1. register your domain yourself, don’t use the ISP as they will own the relationship. I use and have generally had really good luck with them. Their automated systems are excellent, and on the rare occasion I’ve needed support they’ve been responsive. Their markup on registration is tiny, so they almost always competitive on cost for a given top-level.

  2. it’s been my experience that you need to be prepared to change ISP often for the same reason that we need to change politicians and diapers frequently. This really means backing up your site(s) and configs regularly. That said, I’ve been using A2Hosting for my personal sites and email for 15 years. They piss me off occasionally, but when I research the alternatives I always end up staying. Their support is not perfect but is generally responsive. Like most large ISPs they’ve outsourced a lot overseas.

Avoid GoDaddy like the plague they are.


Let’s assume someone (*cough *cough) has caught the plague. What kinds of symptoms would such an unlucky person expect to experience if they only use GoDaddy as a domain name registrar and use other hosting?

As a domain registrar - mostly spam from GoDaddy and the myriad data brokers they sell your data to. They try to make it hard to transfer domains (or at least they did) by taking 110% of the time agreed/traditional on transfers, they fail about 25% of the transfers completely, and their domain management UI is intentionally obtuse and error prone. This data is several years old so they may have improved, but I doubt it.

Their hosting looks like a deal, but really isn’t - a lot of fees hidden by initial “free” offers (30 days free! - on an item that renews quarterly for your one year agreement.

If there is a used car sales scam they run it. Just generally sleazy.

Prices looked good when I just needed to grab some domain names that I’ll be using in the future for my company. I’m getting ready to host a “coming soon” landing page in the near future. I didn’t look too closely at what kind of fees I was going to be looking at when the domains renewed so I should probably take a peek and leave extra time for transfers if I need to before the renewal dates.

Set them up to transfer on renewal. If you use Hover, Hover will police them.

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I also use Hover, and highly recommend them. Their pricing is clear, they don’t try to shove “up sells” down your throat, they don’t spam you. Hover only contacts me when it’s time to renew. On the other hand godaddy pushes hard for pointless “upgrades”, the user interface while signing up tries to trick you into paying for stuff you don’t need by requiring you to opt out of the extras. They’re scummy. Then once you’re signed up they spam you to buy more domains and buy more add-ons.

I use namescheap for domain registration, and neocities for hosting. Namescheap has been just fine in my experience and hasn’t caused me any issues, and neocities is a great host if you’re not trying to do anything too crazy!

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I ended up going with Hostinger thanks to 50% off on one of those cashback sites. It was $75 including tax for 4 years if you subract the cashback. About $1.50 a month…

Hopefully they stick around for that long and this doesn’t mean they are going bankrupt. Like a gym going out of business selling cheap memberships.


GoDaddy is a Domain Registrar and domain parking service. They put literally thousands of domains on the same server. Fine if the domain has no traffic, but speed of service suffers tremendously once the site is live, especially if your domain or another on the same server has any traffic volume.

I like HostPC for hosting and have been using them since 1993. I’ve also used and recommended BlueHost in the past so I’m curious as to details why it was panned in this thread.