Honda Ridgeline Tonneau Cover (Paragon hard top)


I know a few other members here have ridgelines, so I’ll give them first dibs if they are interested.

Now that I have my tire off my bed again I’m using the trunk more, and going to switch to a different type of tonneau cover (soft). So my collapsing hard cover from Paragon is getting taken off. It’s compatible with all gen1 ridgelines as far as I am aware (06-14, mine is a '13)

It’s in good shape, just needs two items: a new lock (standard cam lock, or retrofit a t handle or similar) and a piece of plastic for a roller bearing (it’s the bushing around it, not the bearing itself. Just makes it smoother on the ramp. I can help make a new one out of Delrin pretty easily if needed).

Asking $250. Can help install it at the space.