Homebrewing - fermentation under pressure and wireless temps

Has anyone fermented in a keg under pressure? If so, would you share your experiences?

Also, has anyone come across a temperature only version of a device like the Tilt Hydrometer? I’m interested in tossing it into my tapped kegs solely for only monitoring temps for dialing in my kegorator.

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I ordered a couple of Tilts…we’ll see how they work out.

Still looking for Maker’s experiences with pressurized fermenting…

Made fermented root beer and ginger beer. Carbonation was so so.

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I haven’t, no. Force carbonation is so much easier, and at homebrewer scales the cost of the CO2 is really not important. It’d be a fun technical challenge, though.

If you do choose to pursue it, you will 100% need the Tilt’s SG feature to determine approximately when to transfer to the keg, and you will also want a trustworthy Spunding valve that fits your kegs. Leaving off either of those leads, respectively, to poor beer aroma (as excess gas from too much fermentation vents and scrubs volatile aromatics from solution), and a dangerous overpressure event that can have explosively catastrophic results.

Kegland’s updated Blowtie with the mini gauges (For spunding) are scheduled to be in stock at William’s Brewing in April. I’ll likely wait until then before trying pressurized fermentation.

Morebeer has them in stock now why not just buy there?

They do not have the newer version with the integrated gauges.


Ah, that is a nice improvement to the compactness.