Home-Made Fly Zapper

Please tell me if this will work.

On top of a jar with a bit of meat and some water half-way up the meat, a wire grid is placed, with the horizontal wire going back and forth almost touching the vertical wire going back and forth.

Here is a youtube video showing the setup of the capacitors and diodes to power the zapper:

Here is a source for the correct (?) capacitors, 10 for $5+, including shipping:

Here is a source for the correct (?) doides, 100 for $1+, including shipping:

Although the video shows plugging into 220 current, I cut a cord from a dead appliance, attach it to the zapper, and plug it into 110 house current. It should take 1/4 second to charge up, at which time I can unplug it, right?

We have been happy with one of these for three years in the den. Running three seasons, the bulbs needed replacing after two years. Mosquitoes make a surprisingly loud and satisfying POW as they are reduced to a carbon speck.