Home-brewing Beer Class & Brewday


During the making soap class today I mentioned I’m a homebrewer and the discussion came up that brewing used to be a thing at DMS.
I’d be happy to teach a class on the Brewing process, sanitation, recipe design, etc… followed by a brewday in the parking lot (assume we wouldn’t want to do this inside). I can bring my brew rig and then ferment the beer at home. We could then have a follow up for bottling and to distribute the beer.
Is this ok to to do at DMS and would anyone be interested? It would have to be January before I could run it.

Homebrewing- Do we have an active group, if not, do we want one?

ummmmmmmmm… beer…



Yes! I wish I could still support this, but my crappy work schedule has been crappy… and absurdly unpredictable. There are some bounds you’ll have to play in as we’re not allowed to actually brew at the space, but I’d be happy to guide you through the wickets I had gotten through before work got in the way.



If we simple create wort at DMS and the yeast is added at home with fermentation at home would that work? Not sure anyone can regulate making sugar water. Let’s talk it through and I’m happy to set up a Saturday in January.


Sadly, the issue is the ‘cooking’ portion. We are not allowed to heat a liquid for consumption… it’s a stupid thing we got into with the board about a year ago. Apparently its in the lease, and non negotiable (at least according to the last board).


Better get rid of all coffee machines before the landlord kicks us out lol!


Tried to host this a few time myself, end up with only one person showing up. But personally I’d love to take the class.


Once I figure out the logistics of what hoops I have to jump through I’ll put up the class. Even if we have to brew off-site we can do the class on-site and then go to my house or wherever to brew.


Do a search on here, there were some post a few months ago when I was trying to get it all squared away. I had started drawing up a mobile brew rig based on www.theelectricbrewery.com that we could bring to wherever we had power and water. I had also talked to the wine / brewing supply shop just north of us on the other side of 35 who were interested in helping us when we were further along the line. I had done a class on the history of brewing that I’m happy to share the slides from.


logistics of what hoops I have to jump through

What I did was teach the skills and science of fermentation via yeast and castor sugar.

Sure it’s not going to draw in the free beer crowd wanting to try a free sample of IPA but at least it’s teaching those that actually want to learn.


Hi guys,

I’ve been a homebrewer for about 16 years, brewed professionally for about 6, still work in the industry and am happy to help if anybody needs it. We did a few batches in the parking lot at the space a couple years ago- turned out pretty well, but I’m not sure if the current rules were in force/known-about then.


Yeah, those were the good days… made some good batches back then!


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