Holy arbitrage, Batman!



  1. years and years of loose monetary policy has left the investor class flush with cash
  2. the focus of disruptive technology companies often lies around capturing and expanding a user base and letting users accustom their lifestyles around the technology - in their rush to speed to market, DoorDash appears to have overlooked some common sense cost saving measures
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I’m reminded of this (not quite the same, but close enough to make me chuckle…)

The pertinent bit:

Of course, Richard gets his new employees, and how he does it proves that he’s learned some things from his tour of his Gavin-like dark side last season. After cursing out Duncan at the Sliceline office, and telling all his employees to have sex with themselves, Richard discovers that Sliceline’s business model is mathematically unsound. They order $10 pizzas from Domino’s, rebox them in a $4 box, and sell them on the app for $9. Sliceline is losing $5 per pizza. So, Richard orders enough pizzas to bankrupt them, which allows him to take over Sliceline and its acquisition Optimoji. This gives him 50 programmers. Richard pulls this off while in the presence of both Duncan and Kyra, the Optimoji CEO — a dickish move to be sure, but I’m giving him a pass on this one. It is badass!