Holiday gifts/booth items (potentially) -Start creating items now

Hi folks!
I’m not sure if COVID and social distancing will be done before the holidays but if it is, let’s start making now! If you’re interested in selling some of your pieces at holiday fairs (or if DMS has another holiday fair), consider building up your ‘art’ vault so you’re not scrambling during the holidays with everyone else. Which also reminds me- we get ALOT more traffic during the holidays, if you want to give away your pieces for gifts this year, start now!!!

Here are some easy quick things that are holiday-ish that you could make. Please chime in with your ideas too!

Ideas from others:

  • Leaf slab plates in fall colors (Monika had several classes last year on how to make these)
  • Hand built or thrown pumpkins
  • “Santa wizards” is what I’ve heard them called :slight_smile: (Monika did a class on these last year too)
  • mugs, bowls, stemless goblets/wineglasses with leaves pumpkin emblems, skulls, twigs, snowflakes, trees, cats
  • Napkin rings with leaves pumpkin emblems, skulls, twigs, snowflakes, trees, cats
  • Christmas ornaments (stars, snowflakes, santas, letters, trees, angels
  • Slip casted skulls, cats, candy dishes or anything in blacks, metallic and whites (this is a great chance to use Cosmic Teadust glaze)
  • Piggy banks with leaves pumpkin emblems, skulls, twigs, snowflakes, trees, cats (Christy K. has made some pretty amazing piggy banks)
  • Puzzle Boxes (Kristy Kovass has taught a few classes on these- I could see this being an amazing Halloween type gift and selling at booths

Other ideas:

  • salt and pepper shakers in shapes and/or colors mentioned above
  • Christmas cactus planters (normal planter but market for xmas cactus)
  • holiday themed jewelry (cat silhouettes, trees, snowflakes etc)
  • candy dishes in holiday themed shapes
  • figurines (the size of something that could sit on your desk, not too big but not too small)

Sounds good. The Maker Fair that we have here is scheduled after Thanksgiving, so gift and Christmas items would be better for that.

People interested in doing autumn craft fairs should start checking for venues now. We did Funky Finds last year in November. Last I looked, they’d run their spring show into July. I realized that it wasn’t worth our entry fee to do a summer show (traditionally bad in Texas) in a pandemic year, with lots of folks staying home and/or not having much money. They’re not a particularly cheap show, though. I think most of the school-base fall shows aren’t happening. We do Heritage Days at Beaver Bend Park in Oklahoma in November. but they’ve already cancelled it for this year. Churches might be a venue, although if they haven’t been meeting, then nobody’s worked the show.

Definitely an “interesting” year to try and sell stuff to the public…