Holiday Barista Night at the Makerspace


Barista Night starts tonight!

At special request we can make Raktajino (a Klingon version of masalasa cappuccinos).

Tonights menu will consist of:

  • Expresso
  • Americano
  • Machiato

Beans are locally sourced dark roast. Plus we do have green columbian beans for that fresh roast flavor.

Choices of chocolate or caramel for holiday themed latte art.

Barista Basics - Brewing the best coffee in the world

When and where is this going to be? I didn’t see anything on the calendar.


about 6:30 or 7pm to when ever. I’m doing this on top of my normal office hours as a holiday gift to everyone at the space. latte art included :slight_smile:


Okay but where