Hitting in the New Year Blacksmithing Potluck/Forging Event

Come ring in the New Year while working on your blacksmithing projects. The Blacksmithing Committee would like to extend an intermediate open forge get-together for those who have had the chance to hit steel.

Bring your favorite dish to share, your knowledge of the project you want to work on, and friendly faces. Don’t have a current project, but want to come to watch the show, get to know your blacksmithing people, or just have someone to ring in the New Year with? Just bring a dish and join.

You do not have to blacksmith to come to this event, but you must have already done blacksmithing to use the forge. We will not be teaching this class. If you just want to come to hang out you are welcome to bring a dish and join.

A gentle reminder this is a DMS event, so no drugs, alcohol, or fireworks are permitted on the grounds nor consumed before attending.



I will be bringing railroad spikes for anyone who wants one :grin:


I made some things for the event. :slight_smile:

(There won’t be alcohol at the event)


The blacksmithing stuff that was in the gift shop has already sold. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are teaching how to make a railroad spike knife at the next open forge. Blacksmithing could probably use at least a half a dozen. I’d also like a couple for my own use. How to we pick these up?

Do you think you could stop by at our next open forge and bring whatever spikes you want to sell or give away. The open forge is this Friday at 7PM.

I won’t be able to make it on Friday but as soon as I get my car back I’ll bring all of my spikes to blacksmithing. :grin:

Sounds cool. Are you keeping any off them?

I still don’t have my car back but I’ll try to get the spikes to you by Friday.

No worries really. Just text me at two one four 773 six 889 when you need to contact me.

I’ll collect them tomorrow evening if they are still there. Thank you for the donation.

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Thank you @Julie-Harris for the 10 RR spikes. I collected them last night before our Open Forge class. We will certainly use them in future RR spike knife making classes. The spikes for last nights class were those that the committee already had on hand.

It was a hot day, but after the sun went behind the building, the evening was not too bad. We had a nice breeze. We got to try out our new three burner propane forge, too.

As it got dark, the students decided to come inside and finish up on the induction forge, the hydraulic press and the KMG.

It was a good night overall.