Hiring nearby: jewelry assembly or rhinestoning

Where I work, about five min from dms, is currently hiring a few people. Weekdays, appr 8:30-4:00. They are very flexible scheduling around kids, college, etc.

They manufacture costume jewelry (wholesale customers like Cavenders, boutiques, etc).

I’m guessing starting pay might be $9-10/hr but depends. No benefits other than they will work with your schedule. They are picky that you work what whatever your schedule is, and be on time. (like any place.) But changes are easy.

The positions are either assembly (making completed pieces to match designs ordered with beads, leather, crystal, rhinestone components) or rhinestoning (gluing rhinestones onto metal components that are part of finished designs).

You would need to be ok with repetitive production work. There’s nice variety so it’s not boring, but it can be repetitive sometimes. Need to have very strong attention to detail.

I’ve done both jobs. I did mostly assembly when I started. Currently doing a lot of rhinestoning. Or whatever is needed. I like both. It’s relaxing. Like now, the rhinestone is a mix of repetative, fiddly and picky, which is oddly like every single hobby I enjoy, so it works. :slight_smile: I kinda get in a zone and listen to music or audio books while I work. Nice co-workers and owners.

Questions or if interested, PM me.