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Once upon a time, programmers/coders were asked to pay attention to memory use, cpu cycles, and overall application performance. Machines were, of course, much different then, but the study of the order of an algorithms and optimizations in coding in particular were the norm. In fact, the best of us programmers were those who could read another’s code and offer optimizations easily. Yeah, code review was the norm and a lot of thought was put into a program before the first line of code was written.

Today with the abundance of memory, the blazing speed of processors, and the 4th and 5th generation languages much less thought is put into the “cost” of coding an object than ever before. This article points out, that whether it is “Guy Fieri” or some other “Easter Egg” they all have a cost and these imperfections deserve looking at and possibly remedying.

So much for object reuse and algorithmic studies, eh? Anybody read Knuth’s Art of Computer Programming Series?


Easter eggs everywhere! The world needs more easter eggs.

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Whats so significant about the developer being red(rouge)? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, love Knuth. Also groked Raymond, Helm, Kernighan, and Ritchie


Easter eggs everywhere! The world needs more easter eggs.

remind me, there’s an archive http://www.eeggs.com/


Rouge=Red=Commie. Hello!


lol. missed that connection entirely.