High fire kiln use



I can not make it to the meeting tonight but want to check to see if it is an option to check out the large kiln for a high fire. I have noticed that it is not being fired every day so I am open to when ever it can be available.

I understand it will not hit a 10, a 8 or 9 will be fine. My clay body will not reflect the color it should be with out a higher firing. I will be happy to have other potters participate in this firing as long as they know it wont be a cone 10 and In not responsible if their things crack from the higher firing. I ask Beth to bring this up in the meeting tonight for me.

I also added to the calendar to fire glass Saturday. This date is completely changeable if there is something else that need to be completed.

Thank you
Anita Willis



Thank you for bringing this up, I have had a couple of inquiries regarding this and we will definitely talk about this tonight at the committee meeting with those that are present. In the future please direct all personal kiln inquiries in a personal message as you have done so in the past, either to me or @Team_CeramicsFire.

Thank you,


This would be more of a group firing. There are other members with pieces currently ready to fire at a higher temp.


Wow, sorry I really did not notice, I though I sent this as message, did not mean to send it as a post.