Hey Nick and Ken tell us about Pyrofest

Pyrofest is happening September 14th in Caddo Mills - why don’t you tell DMS about it?

@Lampy @Nick @Josh_Melnick @kpblitzen42 @jphelps @motopilot @Robert_Davidson @dr_cee I know you’ve been interested in the past

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Nick and most of the Fireants are at the Pyrotechnic Guild International convention in Gillette Wyoming. The next local event is the Fall Pyro-Fest in Caddo Mills Texas September 13-15th. More details to come.

Here are a few pics from the convention:


Pyrofest is this weekend (main day is Saturday) for those that would like to attend. The event fee is $30 and a membership is $120 if you want to handle pyro. You have to be a member to handle pyro for insurance reasons. :frowning: