Help with simple wood backdrop fabrications


My name is Chase Park, a US Army Veteran and current small business owner with my wife running a private event services company The PN Event. (

At Makerspace’s suggestion, i’d like to see if anyone would like to help me to produce a few simple wooden backdrop pieces for a party we’re doing to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. the pieces are simply 1-2 round cuts on plywood.
unfortunately i cannot upload examples here, but if someone is willing to help me out for a small fee (i can supply the wood), please reach out to me at 214 729 2675 or [email protected].

I’d greatly appreciate your help!
-Chase Park

We just recently helped with our nieces wedding…be glad to help out if we can

Makerspace members…this is what they are looking to have done.

@bertberaht ???

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I second Bert. This is something he can knock out at his shop and would probably appreciate a little side work.


Thank you.
any contact information would be appreciated.
i was going to do it on my jigsaw starting this weekend unless i can get it done a lot cleaner.

please contact me via phone 214 729 2675 or email [email protected] at anyone’s earliest convenience.

thank you so much!


Chase -

I don’t want to post his number here but here is a Craigslist ad where he sells some benches he makes. His contact info is at the top of the post.

Thank you coffeebean and mredmond.
Bert got back to me and he can help me out.

y’all are awesome. glad i got on here and got a chance to e-meet you.

have a good evening, and hope to be able to meet up sometime soon!