Help with Remote Access

Hello, I am a new member and I am having trouble setting up remote access to the Jump server. I have followed the instructions in the WIKI but am still getting a permission error. I was wondering if anyone could help me walk through the process? Thanks!

I had the same problem until about 10 minutes ago. For me, it was the “domain” needed to be added to the login NAME space. Not email!


I also ran into an issue early on with the domain being incorrect. My office domain was the default and I had to fight with the computer a little bit for it to let me change the domain for the remote connection.

Yup, it was taking my local windows account and auto filling it. Had to use the “other options” choice below the login boxes.

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New Question; Is the desktop i see when logged in to jump server my own profile? personal desktop? or is it a shared common space i have logged into?

It is messy.

I think I have the correct settings here, but after I click ‘Connect’ it looks like it is going to connect but then I get a permissions error.

As far as I know, it’s your own profile. I have links I created and I don’t see any that belong to anyone else.