Help with Heat Transfer Vinyl


I have experience using the vinyl cutter but wanted to experiment with creating a t-shirt this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) using heat transfer vinyl, some of which I am bringing myself. Would anyone be available to assist me this weekend? Let me know what times you’ll be up at DMS. Thanks -

  - Mike
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Hey Mike,
If your signed off on the vinyl cutter, you should feel confident in approaching heat transfer as it is only slightly different.

The main differences are,
You have to cut your designed mirrored
You need to look at the temp and dwell needed for applying
You need to mess with the heat press, this is very straight forward and you can find videos on youtube, just google the model we have at dms.
Lastly, always use a cover sheet, it keeps anything from sticking to the heat press and more importantly keeps anything already stuck to the heat press off your item.

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What is the temp and dwell setting? Where do I find it?

How long do I leave the heat press on the shirt?

If I’m doing multiple colors, do I do one at a time?

Also, learn from my first mistake and cut the correct side of the vinyl. It should have a shiny side and a matte side. You want to cut the matte side.

As for temps and times, I’ve used sisal easyweed and usually around 375 for 15 seconds or so has been enough.

If you’re doing multiple colors it depends if they overlap, otherwise it shouldn’t matter which color goes first.

@mreynolds is correct 375 for 15 seconds is usually plenty of heat and dwell. If you are doing multiple colors and are a bit concerned about heat, you can usually cut the dwell as low as 10 seconds per press. You want to press each color separately one at a time. especially when doing multiple applications, MAKE SURE TO USE A COVER SHEET. I’ve burned uncovered vinyl to my heat press multiple times trying to skip this step for speed, just don’t skip that step. Cleaning vinyl off wicked hot metal sucks!!!

Also, if you have questions about application you can always google the application settings for what ever vinyl your using the information is out there and easy to find.

To add to this, never use waxed or butcher paper as a cover sheet. You’ll get wax everywhere. Don’t use newsprint on HTV or it will stick to the vinyl.


Note - the vinyl cutter machine is currently down.

I just used it and it’s working fine. The Titan that is.

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