Help with embroidery issue?

I restored an embroidery machine and have been working with it at home. I have gotten it to embroider but whenever I do a design with more than one color I’m having a problem keeping the colors in alignment. They keep shifting even with built in designs.

Any advice what could be causing that?

Weird. We should probably ask @John_Marlow if she’s got any thoughts…

What are you trying to embroider and on what material? Could be you arent using the correct stabilizer for your project. If you have a fill stitch design it will pull fabric inward, for example, or if you have a knit floppy fabric you need some good stabilizer to support the stitches.

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One was lightweight cotton with an iron on stabilizer trying to do applique. The other was sweatshirt with tear away stabilizer. Have not experimented too far past that.

Can you pm me a picture of what it was doing on the fabric? What type of machine did you restore? I am in a lot of embroidery groups on fb and the ones for a particular model seem to be the most helpful.

Yes I’ll run another one and get a pic. Restored a Brother ULT2003D

@Nick is the expert …

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Not sure the issue without a picture. Pull compensation can be an issue if doing large areas of sold stitching like @Edenblue suggested. Another idea is making sure you are hooping your material correctly. These machines have particularly difficult hoops to use. Last guess, given the tight travel area, your item may be getting caught and pulled while running.

Ah … @Nick has triggered another idea.

If you’re not using the embroidery foot (that goes up during hoop travel), that could potentially cause the problem you’re seeing.