Help with Active Directory


I am surprised as I am going through here, that there is not a general “Computer” category. I know not much is done explicitly at the space per se, but many of the subcategories here in electronics, 3d printing, and numerous others cross path in various ways with an Arduino type OS, or Linux or Windows even. Some of these projects involve code and programming, and I often see messages of people asking for assistance with everything from Bash to Ruby on Rails or Java/C# etc. Seems like a ripe discussion category/interest group.

In the same vein as this, I know there is one thing I can count on for the maker space- the element that makes a space like this such an invaluable community resource-- is that I can reach out here and find an expert in whatever area I need. Right now, for the project of the moment- I need help with **Active Directory (Windows Server 2016)**. I have everything installed and set up. I just need help with some configuration.

It’s a very simple network- 1 server that does everything (which is part of the problem-plenty of power, but provisioning the services sometimes collides- e.g.I couldn’t run a WebDav Proxy service and an IIS Login Service or something on the same machine, both of which I Think I need)

I envision allowing remote assistance with full Admin privileges, while I work along and we either talk on the phone or skype or something. I can show what I’ve got set up and what I am working on. I don’t understand much of AD. I’ve made a bit of a mess because I provisioned the server with like 20 roles, and now they’re all in place and need configuration and I am not sure where to start.

I was thinking login and check things out and help me out as a favor, at first. And if I’ve made a mess of things and its a bit more complicated than I think, and it seems like you know what you’re doing, I am willing to go as far as paying for the consultation. I’ve spent a hoard of money on this server, so it only seems reasonable that I would be willing to pay a bit more to get it working as envisioned.

I am not opposed to the idea of going with a Linux or unRaid type setup, but I lacked sufficient experience in those areas as well. I have an alternate hotswap boot disk that has Ubuntu server on it. But I hit dead ends there pretty quick. I have a server, just 2 clients and a lot of devices that can be isolated from the network. Or not.

Primary use is to have files and 2 or 3 VMs available anywhere in the world, securely. I have a static IP block (8 addresses) and a gigabit LAN connection. I thought Active Directory was the way to go, since all the machines run windows primarily, but its so much more complicated than my relatively basic needs. I can make things basically mostly work now, but I am not sure of its security, etc.

TLDR Anyway, someone with experience in this area (Active Directory/Web Servers/Home File Servers), reach out to me and give me a hand or help me with some advice.


It’s masquerading as VCC (Vintage Computer Committee, I think).
I’m sure the good folks who turn wheels in that house will see this and jump in, but if you want to recategorize it, that’s where I’d put it.

Sorry to not be any real help with your situation.


Hi Andrew,

I might be able to help you out regarding your 2016 server.
First question will be if you have configured your server as a domain controller?