Help Needed with Moving a Table

Hi All,

We have a slip casting table 93" x 28" that we need moved from @cmcooper0 home to the space. It is going to be part of Ceramics new space.

Does anyone have a truck and the ability to help us move this table?

Thank you in advance for the help :slight_smile:

If this table is being moved into your new area please have it installed on a wood pallet. There will be major electrical and ventilation work being done it this area. Everything in the current warehouse area must be moveable so the various contractors can get their work done. If you can, prefer your moving of the table be delayed till the contractors are done.

What time would work? Approximate location? I have a truck with a long bed. My back is meh though.

Rich, are there pallets available for us to utilize? @Team_Logistics is this something you can answer?

@lukeiamyourfather thank you for the offer and we’ll definitely keep you in the loop when we have answers on a potential move date.

Carrollton, about 10-15 minutes NE of DMS.

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Yes use one of the pallets in the warehouse if there’s an open one. Otherwise I don’t understand the tag.

@lukeiamyourfather thank you for the offer. We are going to hold off for a bit so that the expansion work can continue in our new space. We’ll post again when we are ready to move the table.

Thanks so much :grinning:

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