Help needed prototyping patented vertical swim fin

WHO: I’m a new member - I joined because I’m told there are a couple of thousand other members who are skilled craftsmen/craftswomen, many of whom are also inventors. MakerSpace is the home of experienced hands and brains that can help me figure out how to prototype my invention.

WHAT: I have a patent on a vertical swim fin that I believe will propel underwater swimmers at much higher speeds with much less effort - now at the “prove it” stage. I’m not very good with my hands and need help building a working prototype - mostly with the horizontal cross-piece to which the swimmer will connect his/her feet. Selection of viable materials is also of great importance.

WHY: In addition to possible use by Navy SEALS, there is a HUGE market with “swim finners” (international competitive under-water swimmers who use something like a big fiberglass putty knife to swim like dolphins - comparatively inefficient).

Opinions & suggestions welcomed.

Here’s the Patent (pdf). If I’m interpreting the application correctly, the basic premise is that a walking motion moves the fin back and forth.

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Hi, Hank. The design was subsequently modified to more closely resemble the fin of a marlin, shark, barracuda or similar efficient, fast-swimming fish. There is a horizontal crossbar to which the swimmer’s feet are attached; the swimmer uses an alternating pumping action (imagine the hips are pistons, the legs are connecting rods). The closest analogy I have is walking up steep stairs or climbing a ladder. Because of this, MUCH more power can be transmitted to the fin than the conventional “scissor” kick. When I climb a ladder, each leg is generating a force of about 200 lbs (cuz that’s what I weigh). Generating 200 lbs of force at my ankles using the scissor kick is beyond my pay grade.

I just emptied out my storage locker and came across the later illustration of the fin, but have to finish unpacking boxes before I get the art to the website. Thanks for your help.

Project looks interesting. What materials are you looking at leveraging for prototype? Currently out of town but will be back in a week.

Have you done a few underwater experiments to test the pumping action your described? I don’t mean a full prototype.