Help Needed: Listing Form2 Printers on Ebay

The committee decided to sell both Form 2 printers since they have been replaced with the much cheaper Elagoo Mars Pro.

I asked @Josh_Melnick and admin about listing on ebay. We need to follow the Disposition of Assets

I took pictures of both machines with our photo setup. The newest one is tested and working. The old one has broken pins and can’t read the tank chips. They need to be listed low reserve and get what we can get.

We voted to use the funds we get from the Form2 to pad the account for requesting to buy the new 3D scanner.

I want to get this sorted, if anyone wants to help list it. I didn’t get a clear answer about getting an official DMS ebay account.


I am happy to help, I just dont understant the rules around ebay with regard to makerspace. If I were to put the items on my own account, it wouldn’t take 5 minutes before i was accused of being a thief or crook on TALK.

I just need clarification, IN WRITING of what is required.

Hey guys,

The two of these together are potentially worth more than $1k, so we’ll need board approval on the sale. If you want to throw that on the agenda for the next meeting, that’d be the first step.

We do have a DMS ebay account, @jast has the login info. That’s probably the cleanest way to get it sold. If there’s a compelling reason to use a personal account, we could do that too.


ok thanks, maybe he can PM it to me.

One compelling reason would be feedback score. If someone has a personal account with a significantly better score than the DMS account, the listing would get more views.

That being said, I’m not sure I’d want to take on the risk to use a personal account. The ol’ “Buyer claims they never received it so the seller gets their PayPal account emptied and loses their item too” scam is alive and well.

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I could be wrong, but I believe thats fairly rare, and usually happens with high end consumer electronics, since these are being sold for parts, I think the odds are low based on my experience.