Help making this 4 sided box?

I will gladly pay for materials, I figure Elmer’s glue is sufficient. Please PM me if you are interested in helping me, so we don’t have more than one person working on it

That would lend itself to a laser cut tabbed box.★lasercut-tabbed-box

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I was doing some cutting of 1/4” birch plywood on the laser and just happen to have enough scrap to cut those pieces.

I can try to knock this out for you tomorrow.

I take it this is for yourself and imperfections are ok?


Perfection is not a criteria. I would like it to be pretty, but I am a firm believer in Good enough is enemy of the best.

Would you mind doing the gluing too?

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Wendy - I don’t mind doing the gluing at all.

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Thank you.

I will be there almost all day at DMS (emphasis on day) this Saturday. perhaps you could leave it with Kathy, the DMS book keeper (Stan no longer being there) or Patrick if you can’t be there?

Wendy - I apologize - I had surgery this week and wasn’t able to make it to the space until today. Your box has its glue drying right now. I will figure out where to put it when I’m done and let you know.


Wendy, your box is done and sitting on a shelf in the common room with your name on it. Left side, second shelf down. I hope it works for you!



Thank you! I hope the surgery went well! While I am indeed anxious for it your health is much more important to me! Maker Space has done wonders for my mental health, which was a bit touch an go for a while. I can’t help but feel Christmas came early for me.


Here it is on my bedroom setup. Note the coffee mug does not obscure my view of the screen. Everything fits now!