Help Identifying Two Pieces of Machinery

I have no idea what they specifically are but it looks like silicon fab stuff to me.

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is the diameter of that 6 inches? It may be a wafer chuck for semiconductor tool.

It’s 7 inches. I thought that same thing but couldn’t find any pictures of a chuck with all of the other crazy stuff attached.

I strongly believe it to be a chuck of some kind, look at the circle residue pattern, is that about 6 inches?

It sure is. I wonder about the protruding rods. Do you think they are to eject the finished product from the chuck?

im not 100 sure but its probably for that or for cooling, it may have been a heated chuck for Post Exposure Bake, I don’t really know im just throwing out ideas, not much to go on.

the holes are probably vacuum holes to suck down the wafer to make sure it is heated up and has good contact with the chuck, do you see an electric heating element on the bottom side?

If its for the particular model im thinking it may be worth something, but these items are high value low volume…so called “long tail” items on ebay.

look here, probably goes to something like this.


Thanks so much!
Yeah, it definitely has a heating element. I was thinking the same thing about “long tail” items. I just need to figure out what the heck to title the listing so people can find it. I have scrolled through so many listings already and have yet to see anything (other than just bare chucks) that resembles the unit I have.

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Josh, could you let me know which model you think this might be? I am having the hardest time finding any identifying markings on it. I want to list it but don’t really know where to start. Thanks again.


It look like it is a Hot Plate for and SVG clone track. Any mfg names on it? Most likely EVG, TEL, or DNS.

Thank you. I cannot find a single number, letter, or any other identifying marks on the plate.