Help diagnosing coolant leak

Ok, just got home from work to the smell of coolant and this:

92 ford ranger 6 cylinder auto

I can’t quite figure out the source of the leak… any ideas?

Hard to tell what we’re looking at. Is that a big drop of coolant on a heater hose near its clamp?

Never mind…

Yeah, it was dripping off the wire that goes to that sensor… I’m no mechanic, but I figured electrical signals don’t often leak coolant :thinking:

Dang hose looks like it’s about to majorly blow… guess I know my plans for the evening :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:t2:

Thankfully an easy fix (some hose from Autozone) and if the engine was still running when you stopped it, you’re probably good. Check your oil and make sure it doesn’t look it has water/coolant in it.

Don’t drive it until you fix this. Uber if you have to.

Electrical wires can leak electrons if you bend them too sharply and the electrons can’t make the curve. They fly out and make a big mess. Thankfully that’s not your problem.

Got the wife’s car for work tomorrow, and will try to tackle this Saturday. How do I check the oil for water/coolant? Will that show on the dipstick?

A leaky hose like that won’t cause cross contamination between coolant and oil, unless you overheated the engine so bad the head gasket blew, or you cracked a head or the block. In the absence of other symptoms, I wouldn’t particularly worry about it, other than watch for sort of milkshake like goo on the dipstick or radiator cap.