Help bookmatching


I have some curly maple boards I would like to bookmatch for guitar tops. I’ve never done it before, and I’m a bit nervous about it. If anyone’s done it and could help, I’d be very appreciative.

Hmm. Isn’t it just a matter of resawing the board? Never done it myself but that’s always been my understanding.

Mostly. I’ve not done much resawing at all, though. Ideally you’d also make it as nearly dead center as possible.

I did quite a bit at DMS working on some Christmas gifts.

You’ll want to mill up your board before Re-sawing so both faces are flat. Then just lockdown the fence, re-saw, and run the rough cut sides through the drum sander or planer. The bandsaw by the front door gave me a pretty clean cut on some maple. Feel free to message me if you have specific questions or let me know if you are wanting some hands on help


I’d prefer hands on help. I squared the boards yesterday. I have one or two pieces without much figuring that I don’t mind screwing up, but after that I’d be really nervous.

I do appreciate the tips though. The band saw by the door did have a bit of a messed up bearing. don’t know how much that would effect using it.

You’ll definitely want to do a test piece on that bandsaw first. Sometimes it does an absolutely horrid job of cutting a straight line, drifting just ridiculously. But it’s basically your only option for resawing for bookmatching purposes.

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How wide are your boards? The bandsaw may not be operational… but it can be done in the old way… I’ll be at DMS later today and tomorrow are well… if you want hands on help

They’re roughly 7 inches wide by 18 inches long. About 3/4 in thick. I can come by today around 8 or anytime tomorrow.

Let’s meet tomorrow morning… around 10 am if that works for you…

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That should be good.

Thanks, so much!!

I’m running late , sorry… I’m on my way tho , see you in about 49 minutes

That’s fine. I’m running late too.

I’m currently struggling to find my keys. Not sure when I’ll be there, I’m so sorry.

Found them. Omw.

I’m here, now. I’m at one of the tables outside the woodshop. Wearing a gray hoodie.

I’ll be right over