Hello, Everyone!


I’m Lisa Letters, just stopping by to post and say Hello. I work with Astrud and Paul, I’m in my initiation as a Print Monkey. I have a background in all things graphic design and printing. Eventually we will get the letterpress going and offer some new classes. Stay tuned.

Stop by to say Hi!



Hey Lisa! What days/times are you most often in the print area?

Hellos! :hugs:

Can’t with for the letter press to get going!

Hi Lisa, I’m excited to see the press in action and whatever else you all have planned for print making!

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Hi Lisa. Yes to the letterpress classes!

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I made my oldest daughter’s wedding invitations using letterpress. They were AMAZING. I would love to work with this again.


I would love some letterpress classes. I used to work for a print shop that had a Miehle (loud) press they would use for die cutting and stamping jobs. (I never learned how to run it, just watched it operate up close)

Basically interested in any print classes I can get my mitts on.

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I’m interested in making business cards.

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Hello, I am working on my schedule at the moment but it is looking like Wednesday night might be the night we assemble for the letterpress class. However it won’t start until Novemberish, I will post when we got things rolling. Thanks for your interest.