Heat press useage

Hi, I have recently discovered I enjoy making vinyl stickers and what not after my daughter took the vinyl cutter class and we fiddled around with the silhouette. I am wanting to do some htv and was curious about the heat press. Is it only for dye sub, or can it be used for htv also? On the tools wiki it says dye sub 101 class is required but its not on the events calendar as an upcoming class. If the press can be used for htv can I have someone train me on using it? Thanks in advance.

You can use it for HTV as well. I will be up there Thursday night for tour night at 6 and can show you how to use it. Otherwise it will be sometime this weekend before I’ll be back up there.

Edenblue, unfortunately I work this thursday evening (which is very rare), however I will be there sunday for the hot process safety class at 11:30 am. I am also available pretty much any time of day sunday through wednesday, and I live about 5 miles away so I can pretty much work around anyone’s schedule that is willing to show me.

I can meet you up there Sunday before your class at 11. I look nothing like my profile pic, just fyi.

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Awesome, sounds like a plan… Thank god you don’t look like your profile pic, I would have been searching for ever looking for skeletor.

I’m teaching the Hot Process Safety Class.’c so will be at DMS too. Mind if I sit on the demo as a refresher?

Sure! And more characters

FYI, I’ve edited the Wiki. The large flat heat press (Stalh’s MAXX20) is NOT training required.


Agreed. Since it is used for multiple processes we don’t want to force users to take an unrelated class to be approved for it. Users who have questions can always find a person willing to do one on one training or come to one of our Office Hours days.

Even better, it seems pretty straight forward, and easy to figure out just by reading the manual or watching a youtube video, as well as using basic safety knowledge.

I hope you all don’t mind me posting this link here. it’s a youtube video from hottronix that gives an overview and demo on how to use the maxx press. https://youtu.be/pMiQBNFJuV0


Good link. It might be good to have a QR code with this link on or near the tool?


Was just thinking the same thing when I saw it. Good thinking.

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