Having trouble Registering

I’d like to register today and take the woodshop class but I’m having trouble with registration. The registration page keeps throwing an error that says I am choosing invalid usernames.


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Good day, please use all lower case letters and the length should be between 8 and 12 characters.



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Awesome thank you,

A couple of notes

The lowercase requirement was the hangup as there was no mention of that on the registration page.

The confirmation email still identifies Thursday nights as open tour nights.

Thank you

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Thanks for the feedback! Gonna work on getting g it fixed!

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Having another issue. I’m trying to log in to register for classes and am getting an error that says “invalid username or password”

It is not totally outside of the realm of possibility that I have forgotten my username already but it is unlikely.

PLEASE get the Thursday night tour mention fixed soon throughout our website. We had people showing up last Thursday and unqualified people like me had to give impromptu tours.