Have an idea? Need money? Read up!

I’m working on a project called Lewisville Soup - it’s a micro-funding dinner. It’s my newest biggest passion project. I’m all about it.

During the last dinner we awarded $540 to Veterans Produce - a non-profit aquaponics teaching garden for Veterans (I know right…we bought him all his fish and some plants…warm moment).

My next one is June 21st. If you have an idea, startup, concept, or project that you would like to pitch to a group follow this link and fill it out I want to pitch! listen to me!!!

Want to join the group? mmmmmm Facebook groups

Want to come to the dinner? mmmm pot luck!

Want to read more about the dinner? Student newspaper link with lots of [sides]

Wanna help pay for the dinner/non-profit status? gofundme link


I can help with the setting up of a LSoup non-profit org.


Ok, I’m going to ask for your help for sure! Want to meet next week - or should I just start getting ideas organized?

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In all honesty, you might not want to start a webpage yet. You already have a facebook page. Maybe stick with that and spend your effort keeping that pipeline full of content. If you grow and have the will to do the same with a website, then tackle that. But, putting up a website, just because you think you should may be a waste of effort and time. Plus, you will be taking on expenses for a website as well.

Lean and Mean work. K.I.S.S.


Ya, you’re right. I’ve been talking to other soup groups and they said they only deal with social media.

Also, I fixed the link for the application if anyone tried before.



I’m in the same boat with my pyrotechnics group. We have a web page, email list, forum and facebook. We are barely able to keep anything beyond facebook up to date, not because of talent, because of the extra time and effort needed for the other platforms. I hope once we expand our leadership, I can empower others to help unify our platforms. But, till we have the extra effort and time, I’m targeting our largest audience, which is facebook.

Also, if you want to get cheap boosting on facebook, do live videos on the platform. These are shared and spread much further without paying than any of the other options on the platform. The second big tip to get your message to spread without paying is drive interaction on your posts. I would estimate 3 people talking on your post with you responding to them is the equivalent to spending $10 boosting a post without any interaction. Also, if you have a post which is getting good interaction from people outside your followers, boost those first. They tend to perform better than the posts that just get big interaction from only within the group.

Just a few tips. I have many more.


Agree. Great tips above

I also have far more interaction and traffic on my fb footprint than my website. Of course it depends where the effort is put. But honestly, fb is extremely low effort but easy to generate good interaction

A few more fb things:

The analytics on a post with a pic or not favor having pictures. People more likely to scroll past text only.

Schedule posts for timeframe of when folks are getting home from work and surfing in the evening. The biz pages have ability to create posts ahead like in batches and schedule them to release when you want. Very handy when your schedule is a fast moving target

Ask questions to generate interaction

Train your peeps. Let them know in an occasional post that if they want to help ANY business, artist, etc on fb, a simple way to do it is to simply Like their posts. Even better is to comment, even an emoticon. And even better is to Share it. Folks like to help if they know how and this is simple. Boils down to fb analytics and how long it chooses to keep that post visible

Pro tip:
Letting the cats photobomb my pics weirdly gets a ton extra on the likes. Sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:


^^^very strong points here^^^

Cats, Dogs, and Babies make a have so much power among the non-reading scrollers of Social Media. Just having them in a post can be a boost of 10% or more seemingly no matter the topic.

How does the dog make this socially feel ok?

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My new head of marketing is peeking around the corner …


Looks pretty competent, love to meet him/her.

Looks like s/he has an inquiring mind, might be better suited for your audit department.

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I think he looks like he would work well with the co-vice-director of Lewisville Soup

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