Hatchers workshop mobile table

So some may know that we have been working on the table for Hatchers for some time. Progress is certainly being made in the right direction. This afternoon I worked on the lift section of the table. Basically it will be pneumatic controlled up & down. The cylinders are in the offset leg extrusion with the wheels attached to. Here are some pictures of that assembly.


Did you have to machine the inside of the extrusion to get that to work, or did you just find a piece of square tubing that would fit ?

I’m making a 3D printer out of what looks like the same extrusion. Been trying to figure out a wheel attachment scheme. ( Although for my use, a simple plate would likely do. But this is pretty cool. )

It is just 1.5" square tube that fits almost perfectly. Now I kinda wished had machined some nylon bushings to keep the wear down but I don’t think I will get too much wear. I did want to make most of the mechanics hidden.

Looks slick. Nice work.

What a kick ass project - - now you have me thinking…

@Photomancer, I’ve been tasked with cutting the ports for the pneumatic tubing on these. Would be a dreadfully easy job If I could get your help with the bridge port. Would you be up to stamp you name on our little table as well? I’m planning on doing it tonight after work.

Thanks @TBJK for making the time to work on this. It is a big job and I’m excited to see it moving forward!

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Be glad to help. I’ll be here.

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You rock,
See you this evening.

Video update,

Tim’s baby is working. We about pulled our hair out tonight building it, but man is it cool.

Excited to be able to teach classes outside of our closet.


Installed t track in table top and trimmed it to fit frame.
Thanks for the help @USprofessional


I have the offsets drawn up & ready to cut. I’m also going to cut washers for the feet so we don’t have to adjust it. Also I have new valves to replace the leaking one.


I’m hoping to mount the table top tomorrow. I’ll do everything but bolt it on, so you can do your work.

Always happy to help Nick. As long as it doesnt require a thin kerf saw blade… Because then I would either get a condescending lecture, advice on how to buy one for myself…or both. Works better just helping each other I think…

Sorry about being snarky but i feel a bit burned on talk… some people can post anything they want while others can’t even post a benign post about equipment. That’s why I’m not on here much. But I appreciate being acknowledged.

Here is a picture of the table with the top mounted.

I’m working on a universal plate for mounting the presses and @TBJK is finishing up the needs for the pneumatic lifters.


Let me know if you are ready for me to pick up the unused extrusion, rail, and hardware, or if you have additional plans and will continue to store in place.

@kbraby if you want to grab the uncut legs and cross supports go for it. Leave us the hardware for now, not sure we are done with it yet. Thanks for the generous donation. those legs made an incredibly sturdy base for the table before we even added the middle shelf.

I cut the new parts & added the offset feet. I removed the leaking ass valve & replaced with a standard ball valve for the moment. I have a Tee but didn’t have an extra nipple. The air seems to be leaking somewhere else maybe a seal or the fittings. I’m thinking that it maybe one of the quick connects. Those threads are a little loose, meaning there are not enough threads.


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Really nice @TBJK. Thanks fo making this great table.