Has New rotary attachment arrived yet ? Or old one been repaired and up and running?


Am just wondering if the new rotary attachment that was ordered some time ago has arrived and is functioning . In addition to the possibility of the old one that was initially not functioning . Being repaired … thanks for the info in the future …



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I’ve seen a rotary (new or old I forgot) running in Blitzen as of a week ago. I don’t know if it’s ready for the masses or just being tested but it’s close.



The new rotary has arrived, but it only spins in one direction and the RDWorks update appears to have broken the scaling feature. I “successfully” etched some mugs about a week ago but I had to do some funky stuff to get it to turn out.

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Yes, like @skwurl said, the new rotary is in, but it’s not working correctly. Several members of team laser have tried to figure out what’s going on, but no luck yet.

We are still trying to source another one of the roller type, so maybe we will have better luck with it.


What is the Rotary Status for the laser?