Has anyone done the SMU Coder's Bootcamp?


Does anyone have experience with any of the local coding bootcamps? Needing to add some skills to try and round out my resume to continue working with startups. If anyone has done any of the bootcamps, especially the SMU bootcamp, what are your feelings of it?



Calling Team VCC @Team_VCC



I’ve heard a few good things about it in passing. But I know of a few really top notch ones and have hired one or two great coders from them Just depends on what skills your looking to “try and round out”?

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Is there another you recommend? I just left a startup as a CTO (I hate that title for a company less than 75 people but it’s what I got) of a medical device startup (still running, just moved states and I didn’t want to), and am realizing I need more experience than just management to really be useful to startups. Looking to get back into programming after years off and simultaneously needing to find a job, would a low level internship somewhere be a better way to go to learning on the fly?



would a low level internship somewhere be a better way to go to learning on the fly?

Depends on one’s learning style and effort towards l learning. Let alone which technology stack one is looking to get into. VCC has build a small development team for DMS and partnered with freecodecamp to help train and certify individuals in software development with a focus on Fullstack, mobile applications, and progressive web applications.

We’re always looking for individuals to join our dev pool.

So If one is driven and willing to get their hands dirty then meet me on our office days, Wednesday @7pm in the Computer Committee area.

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That’s awesome! I actually did coding dojo and got picked up as an IoT developer for a large manufacturer using react node and c#. Been out of the makerspace since the beginning of summer for school and this job but need to come back to increase the advancement of my skills. And use the laser. Lol

For sure interested I’ll add it to my calendar.

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Looking forward to having you.

Just so you’re aware, we’ve been working with dapps via ipfs/blockchain, godot, python-eve, nodejs, and vue.js but we’re also love to have someone around that’s great with react native. But we’re completely open to new ideas.